Rancho is a recommendation platform that empowers users to recommend services of a brand they like and ask suggestions about. Due to huge number of choices and a clutter of advertisements, it is very tricky for the users to pick the right product or service for them. They generally refer to their friends or social acquaintances to help them in making the choice. And this is where Rancho comes into picture.

Rancho is like your friend, who understands your needs and requirements and is always there with a solution. Once you post a requirement here, it reaches a large number of expert users.  They recommend a brand to you, or it could be a sales person also. If you like the recommendation, you can give a thumbs up or you can vote it down. And the best part is that you could also get rewarded for your contribution. You can win exclusive offers from different brands.

In simple & quick way, Rancho offers you a list of recommended, voted and trusted brands, along with their complete details.

So, next time you are looking for a service, you can just logon to Rancho and post your need.  No need to talk to 10+ vendors to choose one! Just find the best one recommended by real users!

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