Brand Awareness – Need of the Hour

What comes to your mind when you see the golden-yellow coloured ‘M’? Or while you are out for shopping and feel hungry and see a picture of pizza? Isn’t it MacDonald’s and Dominos? That’s brand awareness.

Having a unique and memorable brand helps you build brand awareness and create a long-term relationship with your customers and a lasting position in the marketplace. The brand is what gives life and personality to your company, and this will be the first contact point for most potential customers. Therefore, your brand has to be likeable, engaging, and interesting.

Why is Brand Awareness required and so increasingly important?

Brand awareness plays a huge part in the success of brands. The higher rate of brand awareness equates to higher sales. There is no magic set of rules or a formula that you can use to do this, but there are certain steps that you can be aware of that will make your brand recognizable. The significance of brand awareness is that consumers include it in their decision-making process while purchasing a product.

The importance of brand awareness has become increasingly significant with the evolution of the Internet and digital technology. The public is more equipped with mobile and social media tools to communicate quickly about your brand – good or bad. This means that establishing a strong reputation for good products or services, and reliability in your business practices is even more vital for long-term success.

When is it required?

Creating brand awareness is usually the first step; before you can create a favorable impression or motivate customers to buy, they have to become aware of your brand and its meaning. It helps drive traffic to your business simultaneously creating a buzz in the market.

Top of the Mind

This is when customers think of you first when they need to make a purchase within your product category. You can build top of the mind awareness through repeated exposure and consistent delivery of a good product and services.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are smart solutions for getting your brand seen on Google. With targeted keyword research, you could be showing up at the top of Google for relevant searches.


An informative and well-planned website helps create a worldwide customer base. Today’s customer is no longer limited to buying a product or service from a shop or mall; they might research about it over the internet and then decide about buying it or not.

Content Marketing

This is a very key marketing tactic in which a company creates and distributes informative and engaging content like blogs, updates on Social Media, communicating with present and potential customers through e-mailers and much more.

Whilst there is no quick fix for becoming a household name but once armed with the combination of techniques like – Internet Marketing, intelligent usage of Social Media Platforms, consistency in the services provided – the effects of a strong brand on your business will become clear.